Decorative effects for walls

Decorative effects for walls
Decorative wall effects will give your home a touch of style and personality.

Glazing, spatula, stone and marble effects
Painting your home to experience a different and unique emotion every time.
How to choose the colors of the walls of the house?
Thanks to the evocative color combinations that can be obtained with wall paintings, the walls light up with color and the house immediately acquires character, forcefully emerging from the anonymity of white and evoking emotions, inventing new atmospheres and highlighting undervalued furniture.

The colors alternate passing from cold, soft, neutral to warm shades.

- Once you have overcome the fear of daring with colors, you will be pleased to discover that attributing a different tone to each individual environment helps to better define the style of the house, to design paths, to reinvent spaces and to give a strong personality to the different areas.
- For the bedrooms, restful and even neutral colors are appropriate in the children's room, green enlivens the atmosphere and stimulates play and a good mood.
- The walls of the kitchen and bathroom must invite well-being and give a feeling of hygiene and freshness.
- In the living room, shared by all family members and guests, the range of warm tones invites relaxation and conviviality.

- The differentiated use of colors on the walls offers the unparalleled advantage of creating optical effects capable of visually re-proportioning spaces.
- With simple and studied chromatic measures, such as painting a wall in a different color from the others, you can give the illusion of restricting or expanding the space available. The result ? At a glance, the environment is resized and more harmonious.
- In order for a small room to appear larger, you must focus on chromatic uniformity: walls and ceilings must all be painted in the same color, in a light shade capable of capturing light and reflecting it to visually expand the space.
- Is the ceiling too low? Just paint it with a cold or neutral color, lighter than that of the walls. But be careful not to overdo it with too dark colors on the walls: a very intense color can create an overwhelming effect.
- To visually shorten a room or a long corridor, paint the back wall a darker and warmer color than the rest of the walls and the ceiling. This will make the environment shorter, but also much more welcoming.
- To lower the ceiling too high, go up with the same color of the walls on the ceiling, creating a 15-30 cm wide band, and inside the darker and warmer color, with a 1 cm darker fillet between the 2 colors ... It will give an elegant look to the environment
Having clean and refreshed walls guarantee cleanliness and above all renewed light. The walls are the mirror of the house and transmit energy to those who live in it.
Decorating is a work of art to keep at home.

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