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PrimaFila Magazine as well as being a paper magazine with a circulation of over 10,000 copies that is delivered in letterboxes. Prima Fila Magazine is a local portal that helps you get in touch with companies and freelancers in your area.

The magazine structured graphically to highlight the services of companies also offers immediate access by simply scanning a smartphone to the qr-code to be directed to the cards on the portal of the advertisers present, to the interactive maps. By visiting their listings, view their offers and products and contact them for more information!

PrimaFila Magazine is a group, a community that brings people closer to the production activities and services of their territory.
Inside the PrimaFila Magazine portal you will find:

. :: Search your professional for free and you will receive free quotes and consultations in a short time.
. :: The "Find Job" section sends your application to be evaluated and referenced to forward it to the circuit of PrimaFila Magazine partner companies who will request it.
. :: Company offers can be saved thanks to the generation of the coupon to download on any device
. :: Interactive maps to know in real time the distance of the company and its location in the area
. :: Activities in PrimaFila are the companies that have timed initiatives, offers and promotions.
. :: Newsletter service to receive timed offers published by the activities present


Why should a company choose Primafila Magazine?

Because PrimaFila Magazine allows you to have constant visibility throughout the year so that people who are really looking for your product or service can find you easily.
What services are offered?

. :: PrimaFila Magazine gives you the opportunity to create your ad and manage it independently. In case you don't have time we are at your complete disposal to manage it for you.
. :: PrimaFila Magazine generates contacts and work to become a tool to support your business.

Why choose us?

Primafila Magazine is a project by Stmcomunica artigrafiche & web company. We are team of professionals who create and market websites with particular attention to Internet Marketing tools.
    The basic rules of our work are set by ethical values ​​and principles.
    In the pursuit of commercial success and market recognition we face the challenge with these principles.
 Primafila Magazine aims to define a convenient and clear offer through diligent and guaranteed work of maximum confidentiality and transparency as well as the development of Internet services that take into account the evolution of the market.
    Our code of ethics reflects the shared values ​​of the founding members, collaborators and our consultants towards our customers, our partners and all those who use our services.
    WE UNDERTAKE to diligently, correctly and fairly qualify the fulfillment of work performance and to create and follow a behavior in the workplace that any person would define as fair, impartial and not arbitrary.
    WE UNDERTAKE to ensure the dissemination, interpretation and clarification of the rules and provisions contained in this Code, of which the effective compliance and updating of the provisions of the same will be verified in relation to the needs that will arise in everyday work .
    WE ARE COMMITTED to providing increasingly efficient services and maintaining reasonable prices.
    WE KEEP FAITH in our commitments. CUSTOMER ORDERS must be executed promptly and with care.
    WE ARE RESPONSIBLE towards our work colleagues, men and women, who above all are people worthy of respect and deserving of recognition of their professionalism.
    WE RESPECT the right of our professionals to work in a safe, orderly and clean environment, in which they feel free to make motivated and constructive proposals and / or criticisms, to receive compensation that is fair and adequate.
   WE MUST provide competent management and administration so that the management of the company is correct and truthful in the accounting of Stmcomunica and the facts of the management can be reconstructed quickly, being able to identify any error and the degree of responsibility within the individual operational process .

WE GUARANTEE equal employment, development and career advancement opportunities for qualified and motivated people.
    WE FEEL responsible towards the local community in which we live and work and the national one.
    Our research will be dedicated to the creation and marketing of products and services compatible with the environment and respectful of the safety and health rights of the recipients.
    WE ARE COMMITTED to living in our community as good citizens and paying the taxes due for our work.
    WE WANT to experiment new ideas, always in compliance with the rules and laws in force and CREATE new reserves, to face adverse moments, which all of us professionals of Stmcomunica sas need
    WE ARE COMMITTED to live according to our ethical principles even in the face of any personal, professional and social risks, and economic pressures.
    WE WANT to overcome and eliminate any conflicts of interest not only real, but also only apparent that will arise in the exercise of our business.
  The founding members, collaborators and consultants who provide their work even temporarily consider compliance with the principles and provisions of this code an essential and binding part of the contractual obligations assumed. Their violation constitutes breach of contract or disciplinary offense, in compliance with the procedures provided for by art. 7 of the Workers' Statute, with all legal consequences, also in relation to the preservation of the employment relationship, and may entail compensation for damages deriving from it.